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Alicia Belzberg
Cofounder & CEO
Alicia Belzberg
Sid H. Belzberg
Cofounder & Managing Director
Sid Belzberg
Lead Architect
Donald Wilson

Technology entrepreneur for over 20 years. Previously, Alicia cofounded Belzberg Technologies, a financial technology software company involved in the development of electronic trading systems for major financial institutions in the US, Canada and Europe. As EVP of Belzberg Technologies, Alicia took the company public in 2000 and led two acquisitions. In 2004, the company partnered with the CBOE to develop, and bring to market the first Hybrid Trading System (HyTS).
Alicia is a recipient of the JNF
Tree of Life Award.

Technology entrepreneur for over 25 years. Previously, Sid cofounded and was CEO of Belzberg Technologies Inc. The company saw tremendous success and in 2000 became a publicly listed entity.
Sid developed patented technology for the financial markets that led to a successful joint venture with the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE), bringing to market the first
CBOE Hybrid Trading system. Sid is a well recognized and ranked Chess Master, and is a recipient of the JNF Tree of Life Award.

Software architect and developer for 30+ years. Previously COO at Belzberg Technologies, where he led the development of enterprise fintech software and designed the first universal Protocol Translation Gateway to route FIX messages to the NYSE, CBOE and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Prior to that, Don led the implementation of the first back-office accounting system for the brokerage industry that replaced the IBM mainframe system.

Senior Developer

Software engineer specializing in scientific computing. John architected cryptographic algorithms implemented in silicon, was involved in the creation of computationally efficient hash functions for lightweight nodes and in exposing vulnerabilities of commonly used cryptographic hardware.  John has also been involved in developing deep convolutional neural networks as a technique to build AI based NLP applications.

John is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

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