Real-time Social Media Analytics

Founded in 2011 by leading financial market innovators with decades of combined hi-tech experience in trading technology.

Infinigon Group provides various industries with real-time social media analytics that empower businesses with early information on critical events as they unfold.

ECHO™ by Infinigon Group is a premier social media analytics platform that delivers real-time predictive intelligence to Financial Markets participants helping to increase trading efficiency while mitigating trading risk.

Predictive Analytics

Infinigon Group provides real-time, high performance algorithms, that sort through hundreds of millions of Tweets and other social media messages daily, then discards the unwanted noise only delivering impactful information to the user.

Trending Statistics

The Infinigon Group product and API offerings give the user a detailed insight into the increase and/or decrease in chatter rates while also measuring the variances and interval patterns of specific topics customers choose to capture from social media.

Sentiment Analysis

Infinigon Group gives customers a qualitative look into social media sentiment with advanced indicators utilizing predictive analytic models paired with key-source contributors and credibility rankings.