ECHO™ - Early News Detection

What is ECHO™? What does it do?

ECHO™ captures and analyzes social media data streams. A user can set up custom data streams and create quantitative and qualitative alerts against them to glean information. ECHO™ allows users to:

  •          Arbitrage Information
  •          Evaluate News Impact
  •          Analyze Information Credibility
  •          Evaluate topics on a general level or in a granular fashion

Why should you use ECHO™?

  •          Get news early and trade, hedge or report on the information
  •          Quantitatively value news releases, news based on relative capture rates.
  •          Leverage your expertise to create qualitative alerts on social media in real-time for information you are interested in.
  •          See topics trending and gain market insights based on sentiment and volume.

We have created an intricate method of matching social media captures (such as tweets) to a series of topics including but not limited to stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. Users have the ability to create any list of topics they wish to track and set alerts.

Historical Examples